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About Us

Education Rooted in Exploration



Do you remember learning how to read? Honestly, probably not. But you might recall the amazing teacher who taught you. And you likely remember the activities you participated in more than any educational worksheet. We learn best through connections – and your child is no different. We focus on relationships and experiences to encourage higher-level learning.

When kids have opportunities to engage with the world, they build incredible background knowledge that will stick with them forever. To strengthen fundamental skills, ECEC partners with families to provide positive learning experiences. We pair curriculum with real-life learning opportunities so your child can explore the world and confidently take on new challenges in a supportive environment. Most importantly, hands-on learning allows us to uniquely reach each child.


Unsure what kind of care you need? We can help!


Childhood is the foundation upon which the rest of our lives are built on. We are proof of that. Our own childhood experiences have inspired our adapted approach at ECEC. Our teaching team has a passion for helping children learn and make connections through these experiences. We’re not just caregivers. We’re teachers, mentors, partners – and your biggest supporters.

We aspire to provide a safe and professional learning environment that is respectful and non-judgmental, treating families with the grace and understanding needed to learn together and work together as partners for raising our children.


While children are provided with age-appropriate activities throughout the day, they have opportunities to learn, play, and make new friends among younger and older peers for an enriching social atmosphere.

Growing up in a challenging home environment, I learned independence at an early age. I enjoyed being out in the country and exploring my great uncle's farm in Oak Creek, Wis. Now, as a parent, caregiver, and an educator, I strive to foster independence in a positive way – emphasizing the real-life experience, but adding in the extra support kids need to really thrive.

Ted O'Leske, Co-Founder

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