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Child Care

Our teachers care for your kids like family and pay close attention to your child’s development. We provide care that’s both educational and fun, making sure every day is filled with discovery.


Each day is a new adventure filled with discovery in our open-space concept. With a variety of learning centers, educational toys, and computers available, our spacious floor plan is designed to give your child the opportunity to explore and learn in a safe environment. Throughout the school day, children interact with both younger and older peers. As friendships form, kids learn from each other organically through play that challenges their minds and strengthens social skills – plus, they have tons of fun while they’re at it!


Budding brains need room to grow, and we have plenty of it, both inside and out. We offer more than 7,000 square feet of natural outdoor space to give kiddos the freedom to imagine, play, and explore. Your child can become a gardener or release energy by engaging in outdoor games and activities. Outside play also helps children focus, improve memory, and build positive social skills. More outdoor play leads to more learning! We try to take the children outside as much as possible (weather-permitting). And to be honest, we love the fresh air, too!


Parents know how hard it can be to juggle schedules in today’s hectic lifestyle. We want to be there to help! After all, we’re all in this together to build a better future for our children. Child care is offered Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., available in a variety of rate categories.

Other programs



Our preschool program is thoughtfully designed with busy bodies in mind. Your child will have a blast with activities and projects that are wonderfully challenging and developmentally appropriate.


Before & After School

We get it––planning and scheduling can be challenging. That's why we're ready to help by giving you flexibility and peace of mind. Choose from several rate categories that best fits your scheduling needs.

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Summer Camp

Camp ECEC, offered every summer, broadens the scope of our curriculum so your kids learn without feeling like they’re in school. Our 10-week program is professionally-planned and packed with immersive activities and adventurous field trips.

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