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One Goal

Providing the seeds
for learning.

Play. Learn. Grow. 

Four Ways to Help Your Child Grow



Our preschool program is thoughtfully designed with busy bodies in mind. Your child will have a blast with activities and projects that are wonderfully challenging and developmentally appropriate.


Child Care

Our teachers care for your kids like family and pay close attention to your child’s development. We provide care that's both educational and fun, making sure every day is filled with discovery!


Before & After School

We get it––planning and scheduling can be challenging. That's why we're ready to help by giving you flexibility and peace of mind. Choose the rate category that best fits your scheduling needs.

Daisy-summer camp.png

Summer Camp

Camp ECEC, offered every summer, broadens the scope of our curriculum so your kids learn without feeling like they’re in school. Our 10-week program is professionally-planned and packed with immersive activities and adventurous field trips.


Better Together

Our goal goes beyond childcare. We want our center to be a place where families can connect, engage, and find the resources they need to build strong foundations and bright futures for their kids. By being transparent in our experiences and extending grace to one another, we build a strong support system that lasts far beyond the early childhood years.

What Parents Say

The teachers at ECEC are wonderful, skilled and caring people. Our children have so many wonderful memories of their time spent with the amazing staff at ECEC. We can never thank you enough!

Family of four, Oak Creek

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Leap through the captivating world of time travel as we explore the evolution of tools throughout history. From ancient civilizations to futuristic innovations, Camp ECEC will uncover the secrets of invention and ingenuity. Join us for a summer adventure unlike any other program, where learning meets discovery throughout time.

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