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Our preschool program is thoughtfully designed with busy bodies in mind. Your child will have a blast with activities and projects that are wonderfully challenging and developmentally appropriate.


Our professional preschool program is not just ABCs and 123s. We know that your growing child needs more than rigid lesson plans to flourish. We want to continue the learning going on at home by sparking curiosity and encouraging discovery at school. They will learn without even knowing it!


Of course, no two kiddos are alike. We believe every child has special individual skills worth developing. ECEC offers a custom-designed program with activities and projects geared toward each child’s ability, challenging their strengths while developing areas that come less naturally.

Much like 4K and 5K programs, our program follows a structured curriculum with detailed units and weekly themes geared for children ages 2-5. Our dedicated, qualified teachers carefully prepare the lessons, catering to the needs of their specific groups of students. Our goal is to provide your child the best positive learning experience using engaging learning centers and small group activities.


Unlike other 4K and 5K programs, we take it one step further by continuously challenging your child academically. As your child progresses, so does our curriculum. Why continue walking if they’re ready to run?

Other programs


Child Care

Our teachers care for your kids like family and pay close attention to your child’s development. We provide care that's both educational and fun, making sure every day is filled with discovery!


Before & After School

We get it––planning and scheduling can be challenging. That's why we're ready to help by giving you flexibility and peace of mind. Choose from several rate categories that best fits your scheduling needs.

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Summer Camp

Camp ECEC, offered every summer, broadens the scope of our curriculum so your kids learn without feeling like they’re in school. Our 10-week program is professionally-planned and packed with immersive activities and adventurous field trips.

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