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Room to DISCOVER . . . and grow!

Small Group

Like other 4K and 5K programs, we follow a structured curriculum with detailed units, weekly themes, and small group activities geared for ages 2-5. Unlike other programs, we take it one step further by continuously challenging your child academically. As they progress, so does our curriculum. Why continue walking if they’re ready to run?


After walking down the treelined path connected to Deerfield Elementary, our young friends are welcomed into a learning retreat. Our spacious property is surrounded by high fencing and woodchip-lined paths. Our outdoor space is often our classroom! Inside, learning stations help kids grow with problem-solving games, fine motor activities, and more. Plus, our building is locked with controlled access to keep your little ones safe and protected while they explore and learn.

Lunch Area

With so much learning happening, those little bodies need fuel to grow! Our students can recharge in a separate eating area, which helps them focus on eating so they can enjoy the fun after! This is where the taste-testing happens while learning basic food groups, good eating habits and health and wellness.


Most kids jump at the chance to get their hands dirty – and we enjoy giving it to them! Our vibrant garden has grown exponentially each year with the help of our little gardeners. As kids watch their tiny seedlings grow into flowers, fruits, and vegetables, they also learn about bugs and what kind of environmental factors are needed for a healthy garden. The hands-on experience teaches them to care for living things and our environment.

Outside Play

Fresh air is good for everyone, and we believe kids learn best when they have the freedom to play! ECEC has an oversized backyard – over 7,000 square feet! Kids can enjoy the grassy space, make-believe on the jungle gym, create crafts on the patio, race bikes and play games on the hard-surface playground, or chase butterflies in nature. Weather-permitting, we love learning outdoors.

Free Play

When we're not using the outdoors as our classroom, our open-concept indoor spaces are designed with free play and spontaneous discovery in mind. Plenty of activities will capture your child’s imagination, including those spread out across nine fun, brain-growing stations. From puzzles to a sensory sand table, an area to “play house” to a mini library, there are opportunities for endless creativity!

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